Heiltsuk Language and Culture Mobilization Partnership

Through a Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2016, the Heiltsuk Cultural Education Centre, the Bella Bella Community School and UBC’s First Nations and Endangered Languages Program are partnering to collaboratively create new opportunities for speaking, writing and reading the Heiltsuk language by expanding and deepening existing community language revitalization and cultural documentation in a digital environment.

Kaska Language Website

This website was created to house the Kaska language materials from the Kaska language courses that are jointly sponsored by the First Nations Endangered Languages Program (formally FNLG) at the University of British Columbia and the Kaska First Nations. The website is available for use by students in language courses, by Kaska community members, and by others interested in learning Kaska.

Multimedia Fieldwork
Management System

The Multimedia Fieldwork Management System (MFMS) eases the storage and distribution of collections of digital content. This platform facilitates the import, bulk editing, metadata tagging, and the representation of fieldwork.