Graphic Design

Graphics & Logos

From brochures and donor booklets to logos for companies and NASA-affiliated projects, I have the ability to work with an individual or team to perfectly craft whatever graphics or documents are needed for an event, project, company or website. Graphics can be clicked for a larger display.


I have worked on a wide variety of advertisements for departments, classes, non-profits and organizations. The advertisements displayed on the left showcase my differences in design tactics depending on the client and target consumer. All advertisements were designed for digital use. Graphics can be clicked for a larger display.

Social Media

Designing for social media takes knowledge of each specific platform. I have worked for programs, non-profits and companies that all have different audiences and required different styles for their socials. All graphics were designed for digital use across platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or websites. Graphics can be clicked for a larger display.


A good poster has never gone out of style. I have designed posters for small, public university events alongside massive fundraisers. The posters on the left are a few example of different styles and designs I’ve worked with, chosen to showcase key information and catch the eye. Posters have been designed for both digital use and print. They can be clicked for a larger display.