Meet Bridget Chase

Bridget is a linguist with a background in business and web management. Bridget currently works as the Community Success Specialist for FirstVoices, with the First Peoples’ Cultural Council.

As a BC-based settler scholar with considerable experience in local digital language mobilization, Bridget’s passion is language and she centres her work around this. Engaging with issues that relate to language and social justice, Bridget is committed to building relationships in order to develop projects that suit specific community needs. She has been privileged to work with Heiltsuk and Kaska speaking communities on digital-based language revitalization projects. With a Bachelor of Linguistics and a Master of Business Management, Bridget has a well-rounded background in language sciences, writing, business, design and web management, which allows her to design and manage language learning tools, and work with speakers of all ages at whatever capacity is desired to meet community goals.

Outside of language revitalization, she has worked on a wide variety of other projects: from designing corporate websites for an auto body paint corporation, to building a fieldwork management system for researchers in China, to creating graphics for everyone from non-profits to NASA (yes, that NASA). She has also enjoyed working as a copy editor for academic journals like HIMALAYA and educational anthologies, alongside reporting and acting as 2018/19 Culture Editor for the Ubyssey.