Meet Bridget Chase

Writer, Editor, Web-Wizard

Born in snowy Manitoba, Bridget proceeded to globe-trot for the next 21 years to Texas, Poland, the Netherlands, and then all the way back to British Columbia. Now, she has planted herself in Vancouver, B.C. where she attends the University of British Columbia. Pursuing a BA in Linguistics with a minor in Creative Writing alongside a Masters in Business Management, Bridget has a well-rounded background in language, business and computer technology. She has worked on a wide variety of projects: from copyediting academic journals, to building corporate websites for an auto body paint corporation, to designing a fieldwork management system to be used by anthropologists in China. In her spare time, Bridget volunteers with kids ages 4 to 17, tries to get writing done on her two creative works-in-progress, and continues to ponder the big questions in life, such as: “Why is someone still reading this silly paragraph? If they really want to know more about her, they should just go to the About Me section of the website!”